Finally, a solution to nuisance calls

Cold callers, spam texts and PPI calls are the scourge of nearly every phone owner and we decided to fight back. Nixcall is a service for landlines, mobiles and businesses that helps to block thousands of known spam numbers simply and effectively.


Works globally

Our database is updated twice daily, meaning you're protected against calls that you didn't even know you were getting.

Automatic syncing

You don't need to remember to download the latest known spam callers to your phone, NixCall does it automatically twice a day in the background allowing you to get on with more important stuff

of nuisance calls reduced


5 Star Rating in the App Store

“Where has this app been all this time!?¬†Everyone needs this!”


“Just what I’ve been needing to get rid of all the stupid texts and calls I receive on a daily basis. Perfect!”


“So practical – been wanting a way to get rid of pesky nuisance calls and messages for ages and this has done the trick! Would definitely recommend”


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